Project Examples

Here are some recent projects I have worked on at Game On Media. 

As a content specialist, I have a broad responsibility to develop all written content including emails (marketing, operations, financial and legal-oriented), SMS, blog posts, landing pages and TV ad scripts.

Yet my role is more than that.

I also need to understand the users' needs, map out the journey they take to achieve that need and create content that best fits and facilitates the end-to-end process. In other words, I don't just focus on one piece of content. I look at the whole user journey and decide which content - whether that's an image, text or a video - would be most appropriate for each and every step.

My role is part content-marketing (copy that informs or educates), part copy-writing (copy that converts) and part content-design (developing the best user journey with content). I also do UX writing, which can be thought as of refined content writing that helps user navigate through a website in the most efficient way possible so they can complete their goals with ease. 

Take a look at the sub-pages in the menu on the left-hand side. You'll find some of my most recent examples of UX writing and content design, content writing and copy writing. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like any more specific examples.