My Professional Resume

The Short

I'm a content specialist and writer with a background in journalism and marketing, and more than seven years of experience.

  • I have bylines in several global magazines, newspapers and online publications. My specialist topics are Brazil, culture and travel.
  • I apply high-quality, user-oriented content marketing across all communication channels including emails, e-books, blog posts, newsletters and landing pages. It strengthens retention, boosts acquisition rates and, ultimately, increases conversions.
  • I make web-copy engaging, clear and compelling. I also make websites easy for visitors to understand and navigate through concise UX-focused writing.

The In-Depth


Languages: English (native), Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

Journalism: I worked as a freelance journalist and writer for over five years. Strong understanding of what makes a good story; strong research skills; excellent communication skills and ability to speak with the right people who can provide insights to make a piece factual, balanced and accurate. Developed a broad, diverse and international network.

Experienced using: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Lightroom, WordPress, Marketing Cloud, Jira, Invision, G Suite, Trello, Canva, Google Analytics, SEMrush.

Content design: Experienced digital content specialist. Developed skills on how to identify a user need, map out a user journey and use content to facilitate that journey. Developed skills to measure the effectiveness of that journey (for example, percentage of users that completed the process on the first attempt).

UX writing: Developed content writing skills that made web navigation easier and create user-centred micro-copy.

User-centred approach: Created verification process that facilitated online identity process. Increased number of completed verifications and reduced customer service calls. Used precise content to guide user through process. Supported with videos, blog posts and emails that communicated the process and the reason why we had to do it.

Marketing: Developed deep knowledge of marketing in BS degree. Work experience in copy writing for email campaigns; set up email journeys for specific player groups using Marketing Cloud.

Multi-cultural experience: Lived and worked in four countries. Work with several nationalities. Speak 3 languages. Dual-citizenship (British and Irish).

Teamwork: Developed collaborative spirit by working closely with marketing and design on several large projects. Developed a comprehensive help centre (I created the copy and content) through a collaboration with all departments to understand various processes and worked alongside customer services and design to develop a platform that was helpful for customers and easy to navigate.

Time management: Handle multiple projects at once as digital content specialist. Developed acute skills for prioritising tasks for effective time management.

Work Experience

Digital Content Specialist | Game On Media | Feb 2019 - present

- Create high quality marketing content as part of a larger marketing strategy.
- Deep knowledge of UX fundamentals, website standards, accessibility and fair image use.
- Play a key role in the content cycle process from brainstorming to producing the right copy for the users and testing its performance.
- Collaborate closely with marketing and design teams.
- Review changes in the laws and regulations of governing bodies regularly and update documents accordingly as well as update promotional and product materials.
- Rewrote the Help Centre for seven brands. This included extensive collaboration with the finance, customer service, design, operations and compliance teams to conduct research, gather information and translate it to meet the requirements of the target audience.
- Research and implement copy changes to the website to improve sites' functionality and user experience.
- Manage and develop the content strategy for seven established B2C gaming brands.
- Manage social media pages and use a set monthly budget to create promotions to boost engagement and conversion.

Freelance Journalist and Writer | Freelance | Jan 2014 - present

- Research and write articles for magazines, newspapers and online publications including World Travel Magazine, Atlas Obscura, Fodor’s, Evening Standard, Frommer’s, among others.
- Select photos and videos (my own, copyright-free images or materials from professional sources with full-written permission of use granted) to illustrate materials.
- Carving out a niche in travel writing and becoming a Brazil travel and culture expert.

Content and Social Media Marketer (digital) | Freelance | Jan 2017 - Jan 2019

- Created content marketing and SEO strategies for three start-ups in three different industries (finance, travel and cleaning services).
- Created email marketing campaigns using MailChimp.
- Created resources such as how-to-guides and e-books to drive traffic and increase subscribers.
- Blogged regularly to educate and inform site visitors at all stages of the buyer funnel.
- Updated social media platforms every day and engaged with followers.

Broadcast Reporter | Olympics Broadcasting Services | Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

- Explored story ideas at sporting venues and create three-minute videos for TV about interesting stories of the 2016 Summer Olympics.
- Interviewed athletes and make short 'athlete profile' videos.
- Conducted live TV interviews with athletes in the mixed zone for TV channels around the world.
- Professional achievement:
Consistently in the top three performing teams for producing the most videos and for interviewing all athletes as requested by the media centre.

Reporter | The Rio Times | Mar 2013 - Mar 2016

- Investigated story ideas as developments happen and create news stories on breaking events.
- Published daily articles about local entertainment and events, economics, business news and politics.
- Interviewed community members for quotes and story ideas.


  • Bachelors of Science first-class Honours in Business Administration and Marketing. University of London (Royal Holloway). 

Refined my report writing, critical thinking and research skills through in-depth essay writing. Developed strong analytical, decision-making and problem solving skills. The course equipped me with conceptual tools and a deep understanding of how to analyse and evaluate management issues and develop creative solutions to specific problems.

Awards: 2015 Top Performing Student at the University of London

Grade: Over 70% (first-class honours). Notable grade in statistics at 98%.

  • Diploma in feature writing. London School of Journalism.

Developed skills in structuring articles that grab the audience’s attention, writing pieces that are balanced, factual, accurate and supported by experts, and finding new and interesting stories.

Grade: Distinction.

  • Post-graduation diploma in Journalism (TV and Radio). Griffith College Dublin.

Developed ability to identify unique stories and transform them into content that appeals to specific audiences through a variety of mediums. Refined strong practical skills in media production with the use of TV studio, radio and television production equipment.

Grade: Distinction

Short Courses

Content Design - Future Learn