I'm Sarah and this is the portfolio of my published pieces that can be found in several magazines, newspapers and online publications (quick guide: the home page is for my work published with other publications and my blog is my own personal writing). 

My specialist subject is Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, where I lived for eight years. I'm currently in Dublin studying a Masters degree in journalism. I love Rio de Janeiro - it's my second home - and for now, I find time for visits throughout the year until I move back there permanently.

I grew up in Wales and stayed there until I was 21 years old. I then moved to Bristol in England where I spent an incredible year and a half with some amazing people and made unforgettable memories. I then decided I wanted to experience solo travel and in July 2010, I set off to spend a month in Thailand before moving to Australia. That marked the end of my chapter in the UK and after a year of living in Sydney, I moved to Sao Paulo and eventually, at the end of 2012, I moved to Rio de Janeiro and made it my home. I learned to speak Portuguese and created a happy, successful life as a freelance writer. Six years and 9458 brigadeiros later, I moved to Dublin to study a Masters and get my Irish citizenship. And that brings me back to the start of this introduction.

I work as a digital content specialist and a freelance writer, jobs I absolutely love with all my heart. I adore creating and researching and even in my free time, I'm writing notes, pouring over books and reports about whatever it is that's caught my attention, and planning articles, podcasts or some kind of creative production for my own ventures. 

When I'm not creating, I love reading and have a long list of books that I'm slowly working through. My reading days have certainly slowed down since I started working full-time and studying part-time! My other passion is travel and culture - I'm utterly fascinated by new places, different languages and their origins, and the way other people live. I also love fitness, especially if it's outdoors. Hiking through Rio's incredible Tijuca forest or jogging along its stunning coastline was such a privilege that I never got bored of. I'm also happy training at the gym and trying out different fitness classes. My goal at the moment is to complete a half marathon in October in Glasgow. 

My other passion is conservation and nature, a love that has been with me since I was a child. I used to spend hours studying my local wildlife and even had my own museum in my parents' shed filled with fossils, bones, nuts and other natural items that I proudly displayed for all my visitors (my parents) to (pretend to) enjoy. I've worked as a volunteer at Bristol zoo, I've swum with whale sharks and I've volunteered at Seal Rescue Ireland where I spent the day cleaning seal kennels and watching a seal release. My goal is to work more in environmental, science and nature journalism - website coming soon. 

So, that's the lowdown on me. Below is the formal summary of my work experience and education.

My background

With more than six years of writing and reporting experience and several related qualifications, I've transformed my passion for journalism and content creation into a successful career. 

My professional highlights include:

  • Reporting news in Rio de Janeiro for a local newspaper.
  • Interviewing Olympic athletes as a broadcast reporter for the 2016 Summer Games.
  • Publishing hundreds of articles for several international magazines, digital publications, and newspapers.
  • Working in an editorial role with publications and companies such as IHS Global Limited, Hemispheres (United Airlines), Time Out, Atlas Obscura, the Evening Standard, and many others.
  • Creating, producing, and implementing online content and SEO strategies for start-ups and large companies.

My educational highlights include:

  • A first-class honours BSc degree in business administration and marketing.
  • Diploma in journalism and feature writing.
  • MA in journalism and media communications.
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese. Advanced level in Spanish.