I'm a professional writer, journalist, and reporter. I report timely news pieces, write educational and fascinating articles, and help people meet their writing and publishing goals.

What I do:

  • Writing
  • Reporting and interviews
  • Copywriting, brand building, and SEO optimisation

My background

With more than six years of writing and reporting experience and several related qualifications, I've transformed my passion for journalism and content creation into a successful career. 

My professional highlights include:

  • Reporting news in Rio de Janeiro for a local newspaper.
  • Interviewing Olympic athletes as a broadcast reporter for the 2016 Summer Games.
  • Publishing hundreds of articles for several international magazines, digital publications, and newspapers.
  • Working in an editorial role with publications and companies such as IHS Global Limited, Hemispheres (United Airlines), Time Out, Atlas Obscura, the Evening Standard, and many others.
  • Creating, producing, and implementing online content and SEO strategies for start-ups and large companies.

My educational highlights include:

  • A first-class honours BSc degree in business administration and marketing.
  • Diploma in journalism and feature writing.
  • MA in journalism and media communications.
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese. Advanced level in Spanish.