The Differences Between Copywriting, Content Writing, UX Writing and Journalism

Aren’t copywriting and UX writing the same? Is there really a big difference between content writing and journalism? Isn’t writing all the same and the key difference is where you see the words or story? The lines between these terms are often blurred or ignored and I totally get it. They are often used interchangeably, especially when it comes down to copywriting, content writing and UX writing. Journalism seems a bit of an odd one here (although content writing can sometimes be framed as jour

The Three Key Elements Of An Amazing Login Page (With Examples)

I was tasked with updating some login pages for some of the brands I work with. To get some inspiration, I trawled the web to check out login pages of brands I know and use, and brands I simply came across along the way. I discovered three key things make a great login page: Let me expand on these points. I’ll work from the bottom up, starting with what I think is the least essential (yet still important) point up to the feature that all landing pages should have to create an impact. To summar

Explore dazzling skylines & non-stop samba nights in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s most famous city mixes golden coastlines, sprawling jungle, mountainous skylines and a diverse metropolis like no other in the world. By Sarah Brown Rio is a city incomparable to others. It’s edged by a world-famous coastline that ranges from the bustling beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema to the wild, untouched shores in the west. It’s a huge metropolis with a population of over six million, yet its size easily goes unnoticed thanks to the hilly skyline that separates neighbourhoods a

New threats facing Ireland’s seals

To the untrained eye, a grey seal and a common seal may look the same, yet there are key differences. Grey seals are huge. Males can weigh up to 300kg and grow to 2.5 metres long, whereas common seals are almost a third of the size. Grey seal pups are distinctly covered in white fur. Common seal pups, on the other hand, are born with a brown, waterproof coat, making them instantly adapted to swim. The easiest way to tell them apart is through their faces. “The common seals have more of a smushed

The Endangered Cow Being Saved by Cheese

The herd of Pantaneiro cows wade through the flooded plain, before stopping to graze on a patch of lush vegetation. Their coats range from light cream to a deep chocolate. Some have deep claw marks on their flanks, yet their long, curved horns help ensure jaguar attacks result only in scars. These Pantaneiros (sometimes known as tucura or jofreano) form part of the 50-strong herd belonging to Marcus Ruiz, a farmer and breeder in the vast tropical wetland of Pantanal, which stretches over Brazil,

Brazil's Music Scene Goes Gender Fluid

When Pabllo Vittar, a striking blond drag queen–cum–pop star, went on the Brazilian TV show Fantástico in August last year to say she likes to be both a woman and a man, she was proudly proclaiming a gender identity that is often the target of violence, even murder. The latest figures show that, in 2017, 445 LGBTQ people were killed in Brazil in homophobic attacks, up 30 percent from 343 in 2016. But Vittar is confident she’s finding acceptance. And there is growing evidence that she’s part of a

Meet the Man Saving the Amazon’s Endangered Pink River Dolphins

To get more background about the pink dolphins, Culture Trip spoke with Vera da Silva, a researcher at INPA, the National Institute of Amazonian Research. Da Silva explained how the threat to the botos vermelhos, or river dolphins, began when fishermen would accidentally catch them in their nets as both the fishermen and the dolphins were after the same resource—a catfish known as capaz. However, as the fisheries became increasingly depleted, the fishermen started hunting a new fish—piracatinga—

The 17 best rooftop bars in the world

Okay, so rooftop bars have never not been popular – but nowadays it’s easier than ever to find a spot for #drinkswithviews shots and soak up a sunset with your Spritz. So how do you find somewhere that’s worth the hype and the money, where jaw-dropping views are matched with strong drinks and good vibes? That’s where the experts come in. We’ve tapped up local Time Out editors and well-travelled contributors to assemble our definitive list of the world’s best rooftop bars.

How to Live Like It's Carnival All Year Round

Carnival gives Rio de Janeiro its party reputation. Yet this carefree week of extravagant floats and skintight leotards stems from a year’s worth of effort behind the scenes — work that’s done by dozens of groups whose membership is based on who you know and whose followers are as fiercely loyal as supporters of a sports team. “Throughout the year, we don’t stop,” says Alex Coutinho. He’s a choreographer of the samba dancers at Paraíso do Tuiuti samba school. Rio has more than 100 samba schools

Practice Makes Parades

It’s a balmy November evening in Andaraí, a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro’s North Zone not far from the iconic Maracanã soccer stadium, and the crowd outside the Salgueiro samba school is anxious. Lines of visitors spill out onto the narrow one-way street, some tapping out samba moves, others buying cold beer from the entrepreneurial vendors who mill about. When the doors open, the mass of people pours into a vast rehearsal room that’s decked out in the school’s colors, red and white.

30 of Brazil’s Most Amazing Natural Wonders

For a step into the truly great outdoors, it doesn't get much better than Brazil's diverse wonderland of incredible natural attractions. Ask any nature lover to list their favorite natural wonders, and the result will be as varied as the destinations themselves. Whereas every country in the world has its own unique gift from mother nature, Brazil is one of the few that can confidently boast its ability to satisfy practically any whim when it comes to natural attractions. From vast deserts to fe

The 48 best cities in the world in 2019

What’s the greatest city in the world? It’s not an easy question to answer – after all, cities are full of people and people are full of contradictions. Some urbanites want world-beating restaurants and unforgettable things to do at every turn. Others prefer affordability, good public transport or friendly neighbours. Still, we think we’ve found a way to discover what makes a city great – and which cities are leading the way as more and more of the world’s population joins the great urban migrat


With world-famous shores, such as Copacabana and Ipanema, sunny beach days in Rio de Janeiro are inevitable. Yet Brazil’s cultural metropolis offers so much more. Think incredible views from the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf Mountain or watching the Carnival rehearsals at Rio’s best samba schools. Visit the Atlantic Forest, the world’s largest urban woodland, for unforgettable hiking and refreshing dips in waterfalls before slipping back into the bustling city life for long nights of wining, dining and live music.

How You Can Still Enjoy Brazil's Incredible History in Rio

Brazil is a country steeped in rich culture and history dating back more than 10,000 years. The National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, also the former home of the Portuguese royal family, was reduced to a blackened shell on Sept. 2 in a devastating fire. The museum, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in June this year, was the oldest scientific institute in the country and housed around 20 million historical artifacts relating to the history of Brazil and the world. An estimated 90 percent of th

The Best Hikes in Ireland: The Kerry Way, The Burren, and 9 More

Stand on the holiest mountain in Ireland The 7-km (4.3-mile) trail, which winds up Croagh Patrick, is an important site of pilgrimage in County Mayo. On the last Sunday of July, called Reek Sunday, thousands of people march up the well-trodden paths to the summit in honor of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. Throughout the rest of the year, the trail is a lot less crowded and enjoyed by those who want to take in the views of the 365 islands scattered across the Clew Bay below. The mountain i
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